Helping People Create Real Health & Wealth

Our mission and passion is to help individuals generate passive or residual income allowing them to follow their goals, dreams and desires in life. By showing people how they can take control of their own health, finances, and become accountable for their own actions - we have helped hundreds of people achieve true freedom. Most people suffer from four pains - Health, Time, Money and the lost opportunity (regrets) in life. Think for just a moment on what or how your life would change if you had better health, more time freedom, and having extra money to enjoy the things you want too. If you could change your life in just 90 days... Would you go for it?

Don't let fear stop you - learn the strategies that work in today's fast paced society. Position yourself and your business to leverage and capitalize on one of the largest trends happening in history. It is vital that you strategize, organize and more importantly take action to capitailize on these market trends.

We specialize in building relationships that have true meaning. Life is too short not too.

Health and Wellness

What good is your wealth if you health is failing you. Learn how you can take control of your health situation. In the nutrition industry their are many product choices - do your homework and make certain that claims are backed by solid science. We welcome you to listen to this life-changing message that has a 40 year history. This world famous health lecture is changing the way people think when it comes to your own personal health and nutrition. Products with real results.

Control of Personal Finances

Many people are taking control of their own personal finances and "Getting Paid To Get Out of Debt" using a cutting edge program. You can view all of your financial data in one source. Not just a budgeting tools... Like many free versions. This actually calculates every time you login giving you the quickest way to pay down debt, track investments, budget - plus... security monitoring for your credit, computer and identity... Protect yourself.

MLM Consulting and Coaching

One way for us to give back to the MLM Industry is through "Major League MLM" which we have branded for our consulting and personal coaching. Too many people on the internet are claiming that they have all the secrets to build a successful business in MLM... Yet, most have never done it before.

It is not Net-sit or Net-talk it is called Net Work for a reason. What we teach is simple if done right. This is a easy business once you understand the principles of building a predictable income with our Network Maketing techniques. We continue to consult and produce training materials for industry leaders, companies and associates on building a walk away income.

Real Estate Investing

As a liecensed Utah Real Estate Agent - and member of several real estate investor groups. I understand the importance of owning your own home. However, I know that there is an interest to purchase rental properties creating equity and leverage. As an investor it is convient to have a resources or a whole team of people who are willing to help you find, purchase, rent and even maintain the property in question. Making it easy for the first-time investor to learn real estate investing without feeling all alone.

Partnering With Like Minded People

We are also open to parnterships with like minded individuals who want to create synergy.

"The Best Way To Predict The Future, Is To Create It" - Peter Drucker


Starting today - Make the choice to make a change!


Best wishes,

Dan & Mylisa Graham
Dang Ventures Inc.