Dan & Mylisa Graham

Dan Mylisa Graham  

By way of introduction we are Mylisa and Dan Graham currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah where we have lived off and on for most of our life. We have two children Zachary and Joshua.

In the begining Dan knew that the steady job, long hours and business traveling away from his family wasn't what he signed up for. After looking into many options he choose MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) because he knew that he wanted to make a difference and help others make an impact on what is important in life. Dan always says "I want to live an extraordinary life - able to control our time, and have the freedom to enjoy it. Now, it is time to make a difference in someone else's life today!"

Where is Mylisa you may ask? Lets just say she suffered from the infamous un-supportive spouse role. Which soon changed after our first son was born. Then soon realized that "Network Marketing" or MLM offered us so much more than just money. It gave us the time freedom to do what we want when we want.

We welcome you to watch one of our videos entitled "Our Dang Adventure" which is a great story within itself. We sold our home, bought a brand new motorcoach and traveled throughtout the United States for 18 months to every state except two Alaska and Hawaii. With our 2 year old son (Zac) and our dog (Leroy - who I am sad to say is no longer with us. We are certain that he is playing up in dog heaven.)

Our Focus is You

After learning all the things/tricks that work and the what not to do's in Network Marketing (There is alot), we have come up with a winning formula of values, ethics and "how to" of building a successful network marketing business. This is why we have put the website "90 For Lifestyle" together... Here at "90 For Lifestyle" you and your future business partners can use this site to make sure eveyone get started the right way. By doing what other leaders have done before you gives you the advantage in achieving your dreams, goals and desires...

Best wishes,

Dan & Mylisa Graham

PS - Never Quit on your goals, dreams and desires! Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do in life!