Why? Multiple Income Streams

It is our belief that in this day and age of technology that it is important to position yourself in front of large trends and create a second income stream for your own protection. Years ago I remember hearing the sain "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket." Using that same principle we have seen that families are having a difficult time supporting their families on just one income stream - sometime two, with both parents working just to make ends meet.

It is our purpose to bring this to light... At the time of this writting we are now trying to recover from one of the largest financial uncertainty of our lives. We are seeing more and more people not able to enjoy their retirement years at least not the way they thought it would be.

So, we have choosen to build our own portfolio's that would allow us to work anywhere, give us the time freedom to do what we want when we want and give back by helping others. When you understand the power or leverage and the difference between linear vs residual income (See: Why Network Marketing) you may want to take control of your own financial situation to protect yourself for the future.

Three major pains everyone has.

1. Time - We have many professional friends who do not have the time, energy, to do the things that they would rather be doing because that are busy trying to pay of bills or working a second job. Yes, they making all the money they want. but always traveling for work and paying someone else to watch their children grow up.

2. Money - Simply, that people want/need to make more money. What would you do if you needed to come up with $5000 tomorrow, where would you turn? Get a second job, beg, borrow or steal from a family member. I remember a time where I could not come up with the money. I remember how that felt...

3. Health - What good is your money if your health is terrible...Why, not help people feel better and live longer?

So, where do you start?

We always recommend that people start in the "Network Marketing" arena assuming that they have the actual desire to create a residual income - most people are able to do this without leaving their job or business. Working part-time and through the use of tools will allow you to leverage yourself and time. Then once you are able to build a possitive cash-flow with the direction of a professional you can start acquiring properties, investing in start-ups and build your complete financial portfolio.

But, you have to make a decision to actually do it!