Utah RE Group

Here to help you. Our philosophy is based on "High Tech and High Touch" allowing you to find the home or investment that fits your needs not the high pressured normal sales agent. Mostly we work with friends through a referral basis because it is not about how many clients we serve, but how the client is treated when served.

From the investment stand point many people want to work with us to leverage their time by using our connections and contacts in finding that house becomes a home. Being creative gives use the distinctive advantage when purchasing or selling properties because we are always looking for the win/win options.

Understanding You

It is vital that we understand exactly what you want in a home... Most of our clients are open to both finished and "fix up projects" that would fit their desires. We will sit down or do a conference call discussing the possible options that may work and then it become our turn to meet those needs.

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For Buyers: As your Realtor I will


  • Access a large inventory of homes for sale, in the areas you are interested in;
- Provide due diligence during the examination of any property;
- Get to know you, your financial situation and the things you want in a home;
- Negotiate the best possible deal with the seller;
- Help you understand the variety of options and programs available to you;
- Answer all of your questions and deal with any challenges that may present themselves;
- Guide you through the closing process to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly;
- Be familiar with zoning codes, schools, churches, etc, in your desired areas;
- Utilize a list of professional contacts for repairs and other necessary items;
- Serve as a point of contact, after closing, to help you when you have questions regarding your home ownership; and
- Minimize your risk and maximize your purchasing power


For Sellers: As your Realtor I will


  • Help you determine a fair and reasonable asking price for your home;
  • Be familiar with zoning codes, schools, neighborhoods, churches, etc, in your area;
- Suggest repairs or cosmetic work to help your home sell faster and for more money
  • Guide you through all the paperwork and details of the transaction, ensuring that everything proceeds properly and legally;
  • Market your home to prospective buyers or to other real estate agents, getting the maximum exposure;
  • Look out for your best interests;
  • Pre-screen all interested parties and accompany them on walk-throughs, so that you don’t have to worry about strangers in your home;
  • Use experience and skill to negotiate the best terms for you once an offer is made; and
- Help you deal with any questions or problems that may arise during the negotiation process.


For Investors:

When purchasing real estate as an investment, we can guide you through the pitfalls of the market. It is important to purchase when the prices are low or negotiate for near rock bottom, now is the time to buy condos, duplexes and other investments to have maximum long and short term profits.

Why Invest in Residential Property?

One of the attractions of residential real estate for investment is that it is accessible to a larger number or investors. Most people feel they have the knowledge and understand the need for human sheltor and perhaps as a result true home ownership - giving people the opportunity to build equity.

Why is Residential Investiment Property A Good Investment?

  • It generates an income stream
- It can reduce taxation, thereby maximizing your return
- It offers a tangible form of security
- It provides access to additional funds without a need to sell
- It gives the investor personal control over their investment
- It offers tax free capital gain