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Having It All - By Nicole Bywater

Before discovering Youngevity 15 years ago, Dan Graham wasn't sure what he wanted to do for a living. he did know he wanted to work for himself. "I didn't want to take a 40-year traditional plan where I always had someone telling me I had to do," he says.

A friend introduced Dan to Youngevity, and once he took the time to understand the company and Dr. Joel Wallach's mission, he knew this was what he had been looking for. "I wanted to get involved with a company that really stands for something." Dan recalls. I quit my job and struggled to get this business going, which was tough." During that time Dan lost his apartment and had his car repossessed. But that struggle motivated him to make a deeper commitment to building his business.

"When I started, I really wasn't in the game," he says. "One night I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "If I'm going to do this, I really need to do this." With newfound determination, Dan says he still faced a lot of rejection, but never gave up.

Full-Time Parents
When their son Zachary was born, Dan's wife Mylisa quit her job so she could be home and part of their Youngevity business. When Zachary was 18 months old, the family made the adventurous decision to sell their home and take to the road in a RV. Originally planned to last about six months, the trip turned into a year and a half spent visiting the lower 48 states and promoting their business.

Today, the Grahams are thrilled to be full-time parents to Zachary, who's now 11, and 6-year old Josh. "You can't put into words how different my life is now," Dan says. "I love being able to play golf, go on trips, and go skiing as a family - whenever we want."

Sharing this freedom, as well as the health and financial benefits the company offers, is not just a passion for Dan and well as Mylisa, but an obligation. "As soon as you hear this message and what we're doing, you can't help but tell people," Dan explains. "I'm more excited than ever about helping pthers get results and the recognition they deserve." SFH