Market Trends For Financial Opportunity

Most people understand and millions are experiencing a debt crisis here in america. Worried about how Social Security, Medicare - Obamacare, taxes, Retirement and the over-spending in Washington DC.. (National Debt has reached record heights and is still growing, making people worried about their financial futures.)

As a parent, I personally worry what my children will have to face in the years to come. Which raises the question - Why?

There are thousands of videos, news reports on the subject of finances, personal and national debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures, retirement plans, 401 K Investments all telling basically the same story. As we did our homework it was clear that Banks and Financial Instutions all have an advantage of making the rules here.

60 Minutes - 401 K Recession (12:54 Minutes)


The Debt Trap - Dateline NBC Report


Tony Robbins speaks about our National Debt Crisis (19:40 Minutes)