Market Trends For Nutritional Opportunity

It does not matter who you are - everyone has one or all of these three pains. More Time, Money or Better Health. When evaluating an opportunity or career path you need to ensure that their is a market place for your business and a need. People now more than ever in our life-time are suffering.

Do your homework and understand this marketplace... For example if you are to evaluate the "Baby Boomers" market - Ask yourself what are they looking for? It is our belief that they want to look younger, live longer and feel better. Now, if you talk with people who are in this market place what their number one concern is... Retirement. Most are not able to retire at the comfort level they have come accustomed to - many have lost thousands of dollars from the bust of the dot coms, stock markets and the real estate crash. People are suffering.

Escape the Fire - Documentary (2:31 minutes)


Paul Zane Pilziner explains this market place. (9:59 minutes)