Why Multi-Level-Marketing

Their are many reasons why many people choose to build a career in "Network Marketing - Multi-Level Marketing" that make good business sense. We continuely see people achieve the things that they want most. You see we leverage the power of creating teams of people who are like minded and help them achieve their dreams, goals and desires in life.

First - What is Direct Selling? (2:21 minutes)


In the book - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiosakyi people learn the four quadrants of making money within any career or path you choose.

E. Employees (Trading time for money)

S. Self-Employed (Do what you want. But, you must personally be their to get paid. This is for store fronts, professionals, doctors plus so many more. What happens if you take a month vacation? Do you still get paid?)

B. Business Owner (Uses leverage to create profit centers, does not require that you have to be at a store front of office setting.)

I. Investor (Able to leverage your money for financial gains)

We teach people how they can move from the Employee and Self-Employed to the Business Owner and Investor.

Robert Kiosakyi explains what type of individual does best in Network Marketing. For people who are ready to make a change in their life by taking control of their personal finances and health. (4:17 minutes)


There are 5 key factors

1. Low Start-up Cost compared to the traditional Business

2. Time to re-coup your intitial investment

3. Helping Other People Succeed: You only make money is when you help others - succeed. (Zig Ziglar)

4. TIME - Trading hours for dollars. They are not in control of his time

5. Residual Income - Work once and continue getting paid over and over again.